The Probation department is responsible to supervise offenders and alleged offenders of which the court has imposed certain sanctions. This may include random drug/alcohol testing, criminal record checks, urinalysis testing, office visits with little advance notice, etc.

The Probation department will make every effort to help offenders change their behavior, if not one on one, but with resources to help each offender get the help necessary.

General Rules of Probation

  1. You shall obey all Federal, State and local laws and be of general good behavior.

  2. You shall not leave the State of Ohio for longer than a week, or change your place of residence without the consent of the Probation Department or the court.

  3. If you are placed on probation for any offense that involved the use of alcohol, you are on complete restriction from the use of alcohol during the term of your probation.

  4. You must submit to any type of Breathalyzer, Blood or Urine test if requested by any law enforcement officer or probation officer.

  5. You are subject to alcohol and drug testing at any time during the term of your probation.

  6. You must submit to a search of your person, property, vehicle or residence at any time. This will also apply to any other person's property, vehicle or residence under your control. A Probation Officer of this Court will conduct the search in a reasonable fashion. Any contraband found may be used against you in prosecution.

  7. You shall immediately report if you are arrested, charged, detained or questioned by any law enforcement officer.

  8. You shall become and remain gainfully employed and support your legal dependents.

  9. You shall promptly and truthfully answer questions directed to you by the Probation Department or the Court.

  10. You shall report to the Probation Department as ordered .

  11. You shall obey all orders of the Probation Department and the Court

  12. You shall pay all obligations to the Court(fines, costs, restitution, attorney fees and electronic monitoring fees, if so ordered by the Court) within the time period agreed upon.

  13. You shall pay all probation fees in full before being successfully discharged from your term of probation.

  14. If your sentence includes a period of Electronic Home Arrest, you will be subject to additional sanctions and charges(possibly felony escape) if you violate any of the limits placed upon you by the program.

  15. If you are referred to any agency for evaluation/treatment, you shall successfully complete any program/plan they require of you.