Small Claims Division

Small Claims court maximum claim is $6,000.00, money only. (Not for return of property or any other remedy). You do not have to have a lawyer represent you in small claims court, but you may have one represent you if you wish.


A small claims complaint form will need to be filled out, which should correctly identify the parties involved, with a brief but clear statement of the reason for your lawsuit. You must sign your complaint in the presence of a clerk at the court, and provide picture ID at the time of filing. Once the complaint has been filed, the court will set a court hearing. Make sure that you bring all documents that you need to substantiate your claim.

Small Claims Information Sheet


Amended Complaint (original and 1 copy for each defendant)$39.00
Appeal** (original & 5 copies)$60.00
** Must be accompanied by $150.00 for court of appeals
Bailiff Service fees in town 1st trip$10.00
+(2nd trip or more additional fee)$5.00
Bailiff Service Fees out of town 1st trip$20.00
+(2nd trip or more additional fee)$5.00
Bank Attachment (plus $1.00 to bank)(Original & 6 copies)$40.00
Certified Mail$10.00
Certified Copies (per page)$1.00
Certificate of Judgment$20.00
+(each additional defendant)$17.00
Copies (not certified, per page)$0.10
Exemplified Copy$3.00
+ $1.00 Certified Copy of Judgment Entry
Counterclaim (original & 1 for each defendant)$39.00
Debtor's Exam (plus service)(original & 2 copies)$30.00
Disclosure of Assets (plus service)$20.00
15 Day Notice (Garnishments)$12.00
Garnishments (original & 4 copies)$110.00
Motion to Continue$35.00
Ordinary Mail$5.00
Revivor (plus service)(3 plus 1 per additional defendant)$35.00
Subpoenas (plus service)$5.00