Fremont Municipal Court COVID-19 Measures

As Judge of the Fremont Municipal Court, the health and safety of all of our citizens and employees is my top priority. I have put in place the following measures in light of the COVID-19 virus. I am attempting to be proactive to protect the health of the citizens and still keep Fremont Municipal Court operating. Effective immediately by ORDER of this Court, the following measures will be implemented.

  1. All traffic/criminal arraignments on Wednesdays will be split into two (2) sessions to reduce person to person contact. Defendants with last names that begin with A - M shall appear at 9:00am and Defendant's with last names that begin with N - Z shall appear at 1:30pm. If you do not have a case before the Court, you will not be allowed entry into the courtroom for arraignments. Further, the Court will require that parties sit apart from each other in order to decrease close contact among individuals.

  2. Jury Trials shall be suspended until further Court order, unless the Defendant is incarcerated.

  3. All Probation Department appointments through this Court shall be conducted by telephone. There shall be no "walk-in" appointments unless the probationer has previously been cleared by their Probation Officer to appear in person.

  4. All Criminal Pretrials previously scheduled shall now occur by telephone between the State and the Defense Attorney. Court Pretrial forms shall be emailed or faxed back to the Prosecuting Attorney for presentation to the Court at the conclusion of each telephone pretrial for processing by the Court and its Assignment Commissioner. All pro se Defendants may request to appear by telephone for pretrial per written request.

  5. All Civil Pretrials shall be conducted by telephone with the Court, unless otherwise scheduled. Counsel for Plaintiff shall initiate the telephone conference with the Court and Counsel for the Defendant.

  6. All Fines and Costs Hearings set for March 27th 2020 shall be rescheduled to April 24th 2020. Defendants are reminded that they can pay fines and costs through the Court's website or by ordinary U.S. Mail.

  7. All other scheduled hearings shall remain as scheduled.

  8. Access to the Clerk of Court will not be granted unless you have actual business to conduct with the Fremont Municipal Court.

The purpose of these measures is not to inconvenience anyone, but to ensure the safety of employees and Defendants alike.